PRIDE Experience Selection Committee

Thank you to our dedicated Selection Committee for the PRIDE Experience Awards & Team Recognition. This group commits to raising awareness for the awards within our organization and voting for our quarterly winners!

Want to learn how to get involved? Please email us at [email protected].

 2023 Selection Committee Members

Ailish McVeigh
Alisa Yee
Alpana Patel Camilli
Amy Kuwata
Amy Leong
Ana Calderon
Andrea Mejia
Angela Karahalios
Aurora Snyder
Bethany Geleris
Bobbi Jean Cesare
Cecil Richardson
Christina Travlos
Christine Pollack
Daphne Penaflor
Darcy McCarty
David Poon
Dominique Davis
Donna Gurne
Emer Braddock
Emmika Elkin  
Heather Hoover
Irina Kaplan
Jaime Bosl
James Darby Jr. 
Jay Hunter
Jay Wolford
Jessica Floyd
Jo Ann Etorma
Jose Terrones
Juliia Bowden

Karen Bell
Karen Monterroso
Kate Vidinsky
Katherine Greenebaum
Laura Brotherton
Laurel Bray-Hanin
Leslie Villavicencio
Lina Bandera
Lizbeth Garduno
Luke Dunham
Marissa Sun
Maritza Lopez
Mark Dorshkind
Melissa Hillberg
Mercedes Lincoln
Myra Retuta
Patricia Preston
Paula Chung
Peter Pun
Rachel Pagador
Rashmi Manjunath 
Ronika Prasad
Samantha Gill
Sarah Earley
Stephen Ngo
Tatiana Urisman
Tisha Bertlow
Valerie Bednar
Venice Ayala
Vivienne Carlsen
Wayne Little 



Did you know that there are over 100 healthcare-related recognitions throughout the year?

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