Q4 2023 PRIDE Experience Award Winners

Christina Bronsky

Interim Director, Procedural Applications,
Health IT

Christina Bronsky was nominated for her leadership in diversity and inclusion and her dedication, commitment an,d support as a manager. She is constantly looking for ways to develop herself and her skills inclu,ding being a member of the IT Leadership Development and Clinical Systems Development committees. She also looks for ways to support and grow our teams on those committees so we have a competent, skilled, and happy workforce. In those committees, Christina has mentored and guided her colleagues through various projects that benefit the organization and grow the skills of each individual.

Emily Brumsted 

Clinical Dietitian, 
Department of Nutrition and Food Services

Emily Brumsted was nominated for her unwavering commitment to fostering teamwork through a compassionate and personalized approach. Her dedication extends beyond conventional, consistently going above and beyond to ensure the provision of optimal care for our patients. Through collaborative endeavors within our team, Emily has expanded the knowledge base of her esteemed colleagues and played a pivotal role in cultivating diversity of perspective and upholding integrity in the department's scientific pursuits. 

Colleen Clifford

Registered Nurse, 
Intensive Care Neurosciences

Colleen Clifford was nominated for her compassion, kindness, and thoughtfulness, and her empathetic heart. She is attuned to the staff’s well-being and suffering and has grown to be a pillar of support for nurses. Colleen has never hesitated to go the extra mile to help those in need. She noticed that nurses were not aware when their colleagues were on leave for maternity, disability, bereavement, or other reasons. To help create connections and provide support for her peers, she created a system whereby staff can write a personal message on a card to the person on leave. Through the creation and on-going efforts of this project, Colleen has brought awareness, recognition, and compassion to her work community.

Claudia Elena Farris

Hospital Assistant 3, 
Department of Occupational Health and Environment Medicine 

Claudia Elena Farris was nominated for the warmth and kindness that she provides to the patients in the clinic on a daily basis. She remembers their names and listens to their stories. Being bilingual, she offers another level of comfort and culturally competent care to our Spanish-speaking patients. Claudia keeps the clinic running like clockwork, maintaining key operational items, and holds many responsibilities. 

Tushani Illangasekare, MD

Associate Clinical Professor, 
Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences

Dr. Tushani Illangasekare was nominated for her grace and compassion. Dr. Illangasekare is the quiet deep inner strength at the Center for Pregnancy Options. She is never loud or presumptuous and she always shows up with kindness and grace. Dr. Illangasekare gives superior care to all her patients and her superpower is the way she can make things happen in a crisis. She supports her teammates and will do so with a smile. 


Samantha Kahn

Director of Operational and Technical Innovation and Implementation, 
Department of Cancer Services

Samantha Kahn was nominated for her leadership in managing the cancer contact center spread has been inspiring. Her smart decision-making, capability, and humble leadership style are making a positive impact on her team and, ultimately, the success of the cancer center rollout. Samantha approaches challenges with an open mind, actively seeking feedback and opportunities to learn and grow. Her humility, combined with a genuine desire to contribute to the greater good, makes her a role model for others in the team.

Freddie Lopez

Health Care Navigator, 
Office of Population Health and Accountable Care

Freddie Lopez was nominated for being a diligent team member and for his excellent rapport with patients. Freddie's main focus is as part of the Primary Care Services Hypertension Pharmacy Program, which involves collaborating with an advanced practice pharmacist to follow patients longitudinally to improve health outcomes. He goes above and beyond for his patients. 

Fred Mejia

Supply Chain Manager, 
Material Service Supply and Distribution

Fred Mejia was nominated for his resourcefulness and collaborativeness. He is always looking for ways to improve systems. Fred has been a stalwart during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the health system is supplied with PPE, testing supplies, and all the other supplies that have been constrained due to global supply chain shortages. Most recently, Fred has partnered with Periop to improve the distribution of pacemaker boxes, which has placed these items closer to the patient and improved patient care.


The APP Onboarding Committee 

Eliana Agudelo, Carlotta Cavazos, Kurstan Del Rosario, Susan Diaz, Kimberly Dimino, Diana Dukhovny, Ada Edwards, Annika Enrlich, Erin Flatley, Legina Garrett, Donna Hays, Roseanne Krauter, Dana Morgan, Claudia Praglin, Jane Pun, Laura Quill, Brandon Sessler, Cristina Sykes, Tara Valcarcel, Alisa Yee

The APP Onboarding Committee was nominated for volunteering their time and energy to support their peers because they truly want Our People (the newly hired NPs and PAs) to have the best work experience. The committee members developed a 5-month structured onboarding program that provides standardized information about organizational resources, clinical expectations about clinical documentation integrity, self-coding, and professional development opportunities. The information is presented live (via zoom) by peers, for peers. Since 2017, over 300 APPs have completed the program.



2022 Annual PRIDE Award Winner Recognition