PRIDE Experience Award Job Category Guide

Clinical Coordination: Provides support for clinical operations 

Those who provide administrative support/coordination for clinical operations – including Practice Coordinators & Hospital Blank Assistants. 

Clinical Specialists & Technologists:  Provides specialized, technical or diagnostic care/services 

Those who work in a clinical setting providing specialized clinical and diagnostic services or care coordination – including Clinical/Hospital Lab Techs, Pharmacists/Pharmacy Techs, Radiology/Radiation Therapy, Social Workers, Respiratory Therapists, Physician Assistants, Physical/Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Child Life Specialists.

Clinical Support:  Provides assistance in patient care areas 

Those who assist healthcare professionals in the delivery of patient care – including Patient Care Assistants, Patient Support Assistants, Hospital Unit Service Coordinators and Admitting Workers. 

General Administration:  Provides overall non-clinical administration 

Those who provide general administrative support as well as those in the administrative functional areas – including IT, Finance, Strategy, Human Resources and Marketing. 

General Services:  Provides support service functions 

Those who provide the general support service functions – including Housekeeping, Nutrition & Food Services, Security, Maintenance and Store Keepers. 

Management:  Provides leadership in respective areas 

Those who serve a managerial function within their respective area – including Administrative Managers, Ambulatory Care Managers, Nurse Managers, Directors and Senior Leadership. 

Nursing:  Provides nursing care 

Those who provide nursing care – including Clinical Nurses, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetists and Nurse Supervisors. 

Physicians:  Provides medical care

A medical practitioner/doctor/attending physician, resident or fellow, whose primary site of practice is UCSF Health (all Bay Area locations).

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