Current PRIDE Experience Award Nominees


Job Category

Leticia Arancibia Clinical Support
Monica Arceneaux Nursing
Steven Baisch Clinical Specialists & Technologists
Adelle Bender Nursing
Christina Bronsky Management
Emily Brumsted Clinical Support
Deborah Caldwell Management
Jovan Carter Clinical Specialists & Technologists
Kat Cates Clinical Support
Kate Chater General Administration
Eric Chen General Administration
Chelsy Coco Management
Joanna Cuanico Nursing
Abbygail Daulat Clinical Coordination
Marc Robin Ebacuado Nursing
Claudia Farris Clinical Coordination
Kimberly Griswold Clinical Specialists & Technologists
Cristina Gurion General Administration
Charlo Haro Clinical Coordination
Viviane Hess General Administration
Jackeline Huizar Clinical Support
Tushani Illangasekare Physicians
Sharon Jones General Administration
Samantha Kahn General Administration
Tess Klein Clinical Coordination
Freddie Lopez Clinical Support
Darren Marin Clinical Specialists & Technologists
Karen Martinez Nursing
Alfredo Mejia General Services
Greg Merrill Clinical Specialists & Technologists
Lourdes Moldre Management
Jessica Pfannenstiel Management
Nina Pitts Management
Lauren Rehbein Clinical Specialists & Technologists
Byanqa Robinson Nursing
Eva Rodriguez Nursing
Rebecca Hidalgo Salomon Nursing
Raoul Santiago Clinical Specialists & Technologists
Amanda Schantz Nursing
William Schroeder Nursing
Nathan Schwab Management
Gail Seche Management
Krystal Silva Clinical Support
Jeremy Sunga Clinical Specialists & Technologists
Stephanie Tsoi Physicians
Lisa Ty Nursing
Lisa Wiley General Services
Saba Woldettensae Clinical Support
Joshua Wong Clinical Specialists & Technologists


Discharge Champion Project- UCSF 5North Mount Zion - All staff
Adult Infusion & GI Surg and GI Med Onc & Pharmacy at Mission Bay
Mission Bay Phlebotomy Services
Cancer Services Shared Governance Council
Telehealth Resource Center
Telehealth Programs
Telehealth Resource Team
7L/7E Orthospine & Neurospine
Pediatric Otolaryngology Surgery Scheduling Team
Intensive Cardiac Care team
Perioperative Workgroup
UCSF BCH Oakland - Respiratory Care & Purchasing Leadership Team
Guest Screening Service
PCMB Radiology Nursing

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