Current PRIDE Experience Award Nominees

Nominee Job Category
Jeri Aylward Nursing
Brigid Barlesi Nursing
Ronald Burl General Services
Jeverly Calaunan Clinical Coordination
Michelle Cappello Management
Anh Chau Nursing
Dominique Dela Cruz Nursing
Michele Downing Management
John Edwin Evangelista Clinical Specialists & Technologists
Porsche Gordon General Administration
Ben Gordon Management
Sarah Haigh Nursing
Brian Hassett General Services
Randy Herriot General Services
Eric Holland Nursing
Molly Killion Nursing
Jennifer Lacson Nursing
Roshilla Lal Maharaj Clinical Support
Jennifer Leos Nursing
Anni Ma Nursing
Timothy Moore General Administration
Ellen Mulligan Nursing
Jill Obata Nursing
Igor Ognev Nursing
Stephanie Ow Nursing
Anita Piano Management
Anjal Pong Nursing
Gabriela Quezada-Perez Clinical Support
Elaine Remo General Administration
Michael Rogers Nursing
Carolyn Sadler Clinical Coordination
Elisa Sax Nursing
Rishi Subedi Clinical Specialists & Technologists
Amy Vongthavady General Administration
Jenn Wild Nursing
Kidan Wolde Clinical Support
Mandy Yim Clinical Coordination
Min Zhu Management


Ambulatory Clinical Resource Team

BCH Oakland Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Creative Arts Team

Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Prevention - Field Unit

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy Faculty Practice Rehab Aide Team

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